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Dr. Scott Viguié (a.k.a. Doctor Geek) holds two doctorate degrees and is an archaeologist, attorney, actor and author.  Before his wife will permit him to go back to graduate school, yet again, he will have to promise to move on to something that starts with a “B”.  As luck would have it, Scott is also the first bionic man.  Well, … not exactly.

In reality, Scott was one of the first to undergo extensive orthopedic surgery to compensate for cerebral palsy.  While these cutting edge techniques did in fact grant him the ability to walk, making him better … stronger … faster, his new abilities did not in fact come with the cool sound effects.  So began a lifelong obsession with science, technology, and the science fiction that inspires them.

Scott’s love of all things science fiction and fantasy can be heard on various podcasts, including Articles of the Shadow Proclamation, Earth Station One, and Earth Station Who.  Throughout the year, Scott travels the convention circuit, appearing at such conventions as Dragon*con, Time Lord Fest, and TimeGate,  where he can be seen participating in Doctor Who related panels and speaking on such topics as “The Archaeology of Stargate”.

Scott established Doctor Geek’s Laboratory and Doctor Geek’s Science Fair, in the hope that it would encourage a rekindled sense of optimism for the future.  That it would bring about enthusiasm for innovation.  That it would bring the fictional world of tomorrow, one step closer to today.

To contact Doctor Geek directly, email him at: and follow him at

Mister FlaskChris Harrington (a.k.a. Mister Flask) is an actor in spite of all his attempts to be something else. He recently appeared in Broken Pieces, directed and produced by David Toda. In the late nineties, he performed in three seasons as a member of the Comedy troupe “Humerus” of Davis California, despite having never attended the university there. Before that, he participated in drama classes and school productions mostly for his love of wearing silly costumes.

Chris received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Effects and Animation from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. It turns out being a good animator means being a good actor too, so in one of his last semesters at the Academy, he played roughly half of the role of the Uncle in Paula Vogel’s “How I Learned to Drive,” again under the direction of David Toda. This constant, off-again on-again fascination with acting has now lead Chris to the role of Mister Flask on Dr. Geek’s Lab, and the degree in visual effects didn’t hurt either. Chris is also the art director for Dr. Geek’s Lab and is responsible for the look and feel of all the visual media associated with the Lab.

If he had a motto it would probably be, “Live simply, and have complicated fantasies!”

The DEUS-X MachineCalliope Collacott (a.k.a. Madame Oracle/DEUS-X) holds a Master’s of Library and Information Science and thus has an affinity for information.  Her overloaded shelves might also clue you in to this fact.  As a fan of Science, Fiction, and Science Fiction is it any wonder that she ended up assisting with the informational needs of Dr. Geek’s Lab?  Her interests would fill an alphabet, after all.

Fun fact: She’s always wanted to be the voice of a slightly creepy computer.  Perhaps that’s why the DEUS-X machine sounds like her.  Who can say?

Claire Lab PicDebbie Viguié (a.k.a. Claire) holds an M.A. in Creative Writing and is a a NYT Best Selling Fantasy, Mystery, and Science Fiction author who champions the Art in STEAM. She holds an M.A. in Creative Writing and has taught both English and science at middle schools and high schools and composition at the college level.


2 Responses to Lab Staff

  1. Nancy Holder says:

    I’m a proud sponsor of Dr. Geek’s Laboratory of Geekdom! Hey, how about that Mars Rover? That’s sort of a flying car! (Or a descending car!)
    –Nancy Holder

  2. Well, I think we are well overdue for living in the “Jetson” age, and all those terrible cancerous diseases should be a thing of the past. Live long and prosper Dr Geek and all who follow you!
    – Kevin Marshall

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