Our website and, indeed, the entire Doctor Geek’s Laboratory experience is undergoing a massive transformation! Stay tuned for updates!

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Update Your Bookmarks!

We have a new, improved website and you might need to update your bookmark in your favorites.

Head on over to and check it out!

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Build Diary Part I

I recently developed a sudden interest in electronics.

 …Okay, that’s not strictly speaking true.  I’ve had a vague interest in electronics for ages now, but I’ve been too lazy to do much about it. (I got as far as starting one project a while back, but it’s still sitting half-done on top of one of my bookcases. Don’t get too close.  It’s dusty.)

 What well and truly caught my interest this time? Well…it was several things that I ran across in rapid succession: the Raspberry Pi, Arduino Boards, Lego Mindstorms, and an interesting electronics kit.  Oh, and I found out that you can hack Roombas, but that will have to come later. They’re expensive.

 Anyway, suddenly it seemed like I couldn’t turn around without running across some new topic relating back to electronics, robotics, computers, or a combination of the three.   Luckily for me, my Husband is likewise interested in these topics. So, in short order, we got a Raspberry Pi for the house network, an Arduino Board for me, and an electronics kit that isn’t so very much in English. 

 I’m basically starting from scratch, so Dr. Geek asked me to do a build diary as I try to figure out what I’m doing.  This way other beginners can join me on my journey.  I mean, I have to keep going or I’ll never get to hack a Roomba, right?  Right.

 I decided to start with this kit:

Build Diary Pic 

Wish me luck!


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Episode 6 – Remuteration!

Our latest episode is up! Listen below or subscribe through iTunes!


Will the Lab Staff reverse the mind swap? Can Mr. Flask perfect the Skills Booster before Claire arrives? What is Google’s connection to the privatization of space? All these questions will be answered in the exciting season one finale.

A special Thank You to Gerry Hoard for providing the voice of The Shadow Proclamation.

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Episode 5 – Space Adventures

Our latest episode is up! Listen below or subscribe through iTunes!


The lab staff meets Tom Shelley of Space Adventures. We learn about space tourism, and what it would take to go to the moon and beyond. Meanwhile, Mr. Creature boldly goes where no test subject has gone before!

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Episode 4 Double Prime – Exploring the World of Geekcraft – Broken Crown Games

Our latest episode is up! Listen below or subscribe through iTunes!


In this episode Doctor Geek’s announcement regarding the lab’s summer convention schedule is interrupted by Mr. Creature who has just been given the power to duplicate himself. While Doctor Geek sorts out the chaos, sit back and enjoy the interview with the creators of Broken Crown Games. Their upcoming game, Escaping Titan, uses real science to support the fictional world created by The Broken Crown Event. Click here to visit the Broken Crown Games website.

Click here to contribute to the company’s Kickstarter campaign.

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Episode 4 Prime – Exploring the World of Geekcraft – Transmissions from Atlantis

Our latest episode is up! Listen below or subscribe through iTunes!


In this episode Doctor Geek puts the finishing touches on his new Sonic Special Experimental Robotic Variable Dimension Omnitool or Sonic S.E.R.V.D.O (the “D” is silent). To celebrate this latest exercise of applied geekdom, the lab staff listens to the interview with Rita and Jason De La Torre, the hosts of the Transmissions from Atlantis podcast. Click here to check out their website.

Sit back and enjoy the discussion as we learn how they apply their geekdom by cosplaying, larping and building props, such as a full size TARDIS exterior, or an Atlantis themed home theater.

Read Rita’s K-9 Build Diary! Click here for days 1 and 2. Click here for days 3 and 4.

Click here to check out Jason’s books and click here to check out his Star Mage comic!

Check out their theater!

Atlantis Theater 1

Atlantis Theater 4

Atlantis Theater 3

Atlantis Theater 2

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Episode 4 – Privatization of Space Investigation Begins

Our latest episode is up! Listen below or subscribe through iTunes!


In this episode, the three part investigation into the privatization of space begins. Will it be possible to book a flight to the moon in our lifetimes? Does Mr. Creature have the RIGHT STUFF to be an astronaut? Why is Mr. Flask hunting rabbits? All these questions and more will be answered in this exciting episode.

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Episode 3 – Everything Transitions

We’re pleased to announce the release of episode 3 which wraps up the investigation into the flying car.  The lab staff investigates The Transition, the world’s first street legal aircraft, while Mr. Creature is interrupted by his own mental transitions.


To celebrate the release of the episode we are holding a contest.

You may have noticed quite a few pop and geek culture quotes in our podcasts.  Well, now you have a chance to put your observational powers to good use!  Identify as many of the quotes that we use from geek culture as you can.  Include your name, email address, and the total number of quotes you found as well as the quotes themselves (so we can check your work).  IMPORTANT: you need list only quotes from the scripted portions of the show.  Any quotes contained within either the interview with Terrafugia or the wrap up of the discussion of the flying car will NOT be counted.   When submitting, write out the quote (or enough of it to make it clear what you’re referencing) and what movie/television show/book it came from. 

One point will be awarded for each valid quote.  The person who has the greatest number of points will win a Dr. Geek’s Lab coffee mug AND a $10 Amazon gift card.  In the event of a tie we will have a drawing to determine the winner.  The winner will also be entered into an end-of-season contest where they will have an opportunity to compete for an awesome grand prize.  The deadline for entry is Sunday, December 23rd.  Good luck everyone!

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Congratulations to Our First Contest Winner!

Traci O. is the winner of our first Reference Library contest.  She wins a Dr. Geek’s Lab logo mug and a $10 Amazon gift card. 

There will be another contest when episode 3 comes out.  Check back later for more information!

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